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Vanyajeev Sanwardhan Sanstha, Latur Is Registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working for Conservation of Wildlife and Environment.

Nature has been around since the beginning of all the time. Human beings are the creations of nature. We as a human drew everything from nature which needed for our survival . relationship between human and nature is very vital and dependent. A human being cannot survive without nature. The air we breathe ,the water we drink, the food we eat, and thousands of articles we use daily are the gift for us by nature. The divine power who has created the Earth as well as nurtures it . The Earth is the only planet known to have conditions suitable for life. Nature has created this unique planet for the existence and survival of biotic. In the process of evolution , man has been always wiser then any other creatures.


Vanyajeev Sanwardhan Sanstha, Latur

At. Post Sarola, Latur