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Banded Kukri (Oligodon arnensis)

Banded Kukri Banded Kukri Small; smooth, glossy scales; prominent cross bands and distinctive chevron mark on top of the head. Average Length: 35 cm; At Birth: 8 cm; Maximum: 70 cm Banded kukris are reddish or greyish-brown with 10-20 black or dark brown bands. The top of the head has a distinct chevron or arrowhead design. The underside is white. The scales are smooth and glossy, head thin with a blunt tip, eyes round-pupilled. Kukri snakes get their name from their sharp, curved teeth. Perfect for holding strong prey such as geckos. Banded kukris are the most common of the 34 kukri snakes of Asia which range from southern Asia to southern China and some Malayan islands. Found in termite mounds, Banded Kukris, like the wolf and cat snakes, are mainly cave, crevice and tree-hole dwellers, that find old broken houses especially suitable. Banded kukris generally lay 3 to 6 eggs. feeding on Geckos, skinks and small mice. While thretend coiled body and made circular quick movements.

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