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Banded Racer (Argyrogena fasciolata))

Banded Racer Banded Racer Small to medium-sized, slender; smooth scales; young brightly banded, adultls uniform, without pattern.
Average length recoded 75 cm; At birth: 15 cm Maximum: 1.4 m
The Banded Racer is light or dark brown; younger ones have white cross bands, regularly spaced. Young snakes also have brilliant white head markings. The head is little wider than the neck, the nose slightly pointed.The scales are smooth but not glossy. The underside is white or yellowish. Distributed Plains throughout most of India. Occupy rodent burrows, rock piles and heavy brush. Energetic and swift by day. When captured, it may bite and display a narrow ‘hood’ by flattening its ribs in the neck region. After some time, it calms down and becomes a good pet. In south India, the female lays 2 to 6 eggs during October, The young eat frogs and insects.

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