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Common Cat Snake - Semi Venomous (Boiga trigonata)

Common Cat Snake Common Cat Snake Small to medium-sized, very slender smooth scales; very thin neck; protruding eyes; flat head; distinct pattern. Average Length;65 cm; At Birth: 25 cm; Maximm: 1.25 m (female) The common cat snake is thin with a long body and a tail that tapers to a fine point. The colour is light brown or tan with a darker pattern of zigzag markings. The top of the head has a clear ‘Y’ mark. The underside is whitish or tan, sometimes with tiny spots on each belly scale. The scales are smooth but not glossy. Common cat snakes are often mistaken for saw scaled vipers; in fact, the snake-hunting mahrs of Maharashtra call them the ‘long saw-scaled vipers’. There are 11 species of cat snakes in India; the others are mostly hill snakes. Find out throughout India, mostly on the plains. Common cat snakes are called ‘palm leaf snakes’ in Tamil, as they are often found coiled up in the leaves of the palmyra during the day. female laid down 7 eggs in October. Feed on mainly geckos and other lizards; but also mice ad small birds.

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