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Common wolf Snake (Lycodon aulics)

Wolf Snake Small, slender, with or without bright cross bands; smooth shiny scales; protruding black eyes.
Average Length: 30 cm At Birth: 14 cm; Maximum: 80 cm
Common wolf snakes are grey, brownish or black with 10-20 thin white or yellow bands. The jet-black eyes protrude slightly and the pupil is invisible. Small specimens have translucent skins so that the internal organs can be easily seen from the underside.The head is flattish and somewhat pointed, the scales are smooth and slightly glossy. The unmarked underside is white. These are small and often brightly marked ‘house’ snakes which sometimes share human dwellings. There are eight species of wolf snakes in India.
Found trhought India. In and around caves,stone piles, hollow trees, under bark and other dry, secure places. Commonly find to climb wall of house in residential area. Nocturnal species. Wolf snakes usually bite with micro-ferocity.
5-7 eggs are laid in December-January. The young have bolder and brighter patterns than the adults.

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