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Coral Snake

coral snake A small, slender, smooth, shiny scales, blunt, black head; black tail, scarlet and blue snake. 25-35 CM average length. The slender coral snake is light brown and faintly speckled. The head and neck are black with two conspicuous yellow spots on the top of the head. There is a ragged black ring at the tail-base and the tail-tip. The underside is uniform pinkish-red (coral),bright scarlet at vent, and the underside of the tail is bluish. The head is blunt and has the same width as the neck; the scales are smooth and slightly glossy, Slender coral snakes are one of the 5 Indian coral snakes. The other 4 are hill forest species of the Western Ghats and eastern Himalayas… found commonly in scrub jungles, under leaves, brick and rubble piles and sandy patches.. found mostly near cattle’s place also.. mainly Nocturnal but occasionally active in early morning hours in the cooler months.. Slender coral is good burrowers in sandy soil and will lie motionless with just the head visible. When excited, coral snakes will curl their tail up and wave it, exhibiting the startling colors of the underside, detracting attention from the head. Feeding on skinks, worm snakes etc. bit a rare snake (forest snake).nothing is known about the venom of these little relatives of the cobra but the striped Coral Snake becomes more than 1 meter long and could be dangerous to man.

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