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Dumerils Black-headed Snake (Sibynophis subpunctatus)

Dumerils Black Headed Snake Dumerils Black Headed Snake Adults 250mm(10 in)
Mazimum 460mm(18in)
Slender bodied, smooth-scaled, Head slightly broader than neck; eye has round pupil. Tail long, gradually tapering, without black rings. Body and tail brown abouve, with a series of tiny black dots that run along the vertebral line. Sides of body often gray, separated from brown back, by a dark line or spots. Specimens from Maharashtra have reddish-brown forebody; paler brown hind body and tail. Head black with white or pale yellow markings. Neck has white collar. Underside greenish-yellow; belly scales with a black dot on each side. Often confused with the venomous /slender Coral Snake (which has a coral red belly and two distinct black rings on its very short tail)
Active by day and night. Terrestrial. Lives in leaf litter;has been found under stones and logs. Preys on geckos, skinks and smaller snakes. Lays 2-5 eggs.

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Vanyajeev Sanwardhan Sanstha, Latur

At. Post Sarola, Latur