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Green Keelback (Macropisthodon plumbicolor)

Green Keelback - Juvenile Green Keelback - Adult Medium-sized; keel-scaled; grass-green; flatterns neck into ‘hood’ with distinctive ‘V’ mark when disturbed.
Average Length; 55 cm; At Birth: 7.5 cm: Maximum; 94 cm.
The overall colour of the stocky Green Keelback is bright green with indistinct and irregular black cross lines. The head and neck bear a fairly clear inverted ‘V’ mark which becomes part of the ‘hood’ design when the snake is aroused. The skin is slightly glossy and strongly keeled. The head is wide and the round-pupilled pyes large. Underside is greyish-white. The young are brightly marked.
The female lays about 12 eggs. For up to 8 months or a year, the young are brightly coloured with black bands and speckled markings on the body. The neck markings are also prominent.
Green keelbacks prefer toads to all other prey. These are seized with the appropriate long rear teeth in the roof of the mouth. Not a common snake, but widely distributed; its preferred forest habitat is rapidly disappearing.

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