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Indian Smooth Snake (Coronell brachyura)

Indian Smooth Snake Indian Smooth Snake Smooth-scaled.Head Slightly broader than neck; large eye has round pupil. Snout not pointed. Light to dark brown back, usually with a light checkered pattern of the same color on fore body. Underside creamy white. (The Banded Racer has a pointed snout and a longer tail)
Very little known. Specimens found near stone pile in arid area but one was found in a tree. Burrowing behavior observed. Captive specimen constricted and ate small geckos. Probably feeds on skinks and garden lizards as well. Observation based on a captive specimen suggest that is is an active hunter. Mild-tempered.
In marathavada region it is a very common sepcies reported from Latur, Osmanabad, Beed and Parbhani even a single specimen from Nanded too.

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Vanyajeev Sanwardhan Sanstha, Latur

At. Post Sarola, Latur