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Indian Spectacled Cobra(Naja Naja)

Indian Spectacled Cobra Juvenile Indian Spectacled Cobra Adult Medium sized to large; smooth, shiny scales; wide head and neck; wide black band on underside of neck; distinctive hood marking on top of neck. Average Length: 1m. at birth 25 cm.. Maximum 2m(male)
The spectacled cobra is a smooth scaled snake with black eyes, wide neck and head and medium body. Coloring varies from black or dark brown to yellowish white. The underside is usually white or yellowish with a wide dark neck-band. The body is generally covered with a speckled white or yellow pattern, sometimes forming ragged bands. The famous hood marking of the classic design, shows a connected pair of rings. Occasionally, it may not even resemble spectacles, or may be altogether absent. The cobras of northwest India are blackish and have a barely distinguishable hood marking. Cobras are often confused with the Indian Rat snakes, which have much thinner neck and head, and become meters long, a meter more than do the biggest Indian cobras.mostly widely distributed of the generally accepted species of cobras in mainland india and one of the big four dangerous snakes. commonly found throughout India, sea level up to 2000 m.
Cobras are common in paddy fields, which have plenty of rats for food and holes to live in. However they seen to be quite adaptable and can be found even in very dry parts of the country. Granaries, termite mounds, earth dams and rock piles are favourite haunts. Wherever rats multiply, so do cobras. Their waring mechanism consists of spreading the neck ribs, startling the intruder with the bright “eyes” on the hood. When more excited, they hiss by a sharp expulsion of air from the glottis. Between May and July the female lays 12-30 eggs, usually in a rat hole or termite mound. She stays with them for the 60 odd days till they hatch. Cobras are hunted and killed their skins throughout most of their range.Since 1973 the export of cobra skins has been controlled by the Government of India; however the market continues to flourish and some tanneries deal in thousands of skins per day.
The venom affects the nervous system leading to respiratory paralysis and cardiac failure. Usually less than fatal amounts are injected. However, all cobra bites should be treated immediately . Effective pain killers are made from cobra venom, such as “Cobroxin” and “Nyloxin”

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