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Red Sand Boa (Eryx johnii)

Red Sand Boa Medium-sized, with very blunt tail and head; keeled scales; no pattern
Average Length: 75 cm; At Birth: 22 cm; Maximum: 1 m
The overall colour of the Red sand Boa varies considerably, from reddish-brown and speckled-grey or yellowish to black. The thick body is well adapted for burrowing. The Red Sand Boa is one of the oddest looking snakes of India. The shovel-sharped nose and a tail so blunt that it appears to have been chopped off make them easy to recognize. Therefore, they are often called ‘two-headed snakes’ in vernacular languages and are favourites of the snake-charmer.
Found trhought the drier parts of india Common in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and the North-west. A plains snake.prefers sandy places and often lives in rodent burrows. This is a nocturnal snake. They are docile and unlike common sand boas, will not bite when handled, but just try to hide the head under their body coils.
The female gives birth to 6 to 8 living young around june. The young are distinctly banded.
Status: Red Sand boas are lucky enough to have remained off her skin dealers list, but this snake species smuggled in black market related with some stupid superstitious thing like.. this snake has two heads and he can find out hidden treasure etc.

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Vanyajeev Sanwardhan Sanstha, Latur

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