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Stiriped Keelback (Amphiesma stolatum)

Striped Keelback Small, keel (rough) scaled; two distinctive yellow stripes down back
Average Lentgh: 40 cm: At Birth: 12cm: Maximum: 80 cm (female)
Striped keelbacks are closely related to and resemble the water snakes. They are, in fact, quite at home in water and have long rear teeth for catching frogs. The overall colour is light or drk brown with two tan or yellow stripes running down the body length. These stripes are especially bright on the last half of the body. The head is light brown, and the sides of the head, lip area and chin are white or yellow. This is the common grass snake of India.
Find in Rice fields, pond edges, thick grass and bushes are favoured.
Feeding on frogs mainly will also takes toads, small lizards and rodents, which are swallowed alive. Young feed on insects, tadpoles.

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