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Trinket snake (Coelognathus helena)

Common Trinket Medium-sized, slender; smooth, glossy scales; light fore body and dark tail.
Average Length: 70 cm; At Birth: 25 cm; Maximum: 1.5 m.
The Trinket snake is tan and chocolate-brown with two prominent dark stripes on the latter part of the body and light bands and check on the forepart. The long head is unmarked, the eyes are prominent and round-pupilled. The two short dark lines on either side of the neck may join medially to form an inverted ā€˜Vā€™. The scales in front of the eye are scattered with pores, which may be sensory. There are 9 species of trinket snakes in India. The typical one is a quit-natured snake found at times of cooler weather on the plains and the hills.
Found Throughout India. During the hot weather, Trinket Snakes live deep in termite mounds, rock piles and crevices. In the cool season they emerge and are found in tress and bushes. Active by Day and Night.
The female lays 6 to 8 longs eggs. Trinket Snakes are nowhere very common.

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